DevaCurl: New Green Supreme

Backed by science, developed with dermatologists, and approved by stylists, DevaCurl®’s formulas now have upgraded technology with added benefits to support Curl Flexibility™.

What is Curl Flexibility™?

Hair is versatile, coming in all shapes and textures, waves, curls, or coils. DevaCurl®’s new, enhanced formulas include proven complexes and blends that deliver targeted benefits to specific hair types. Shaping coils, repairing bonds, healing scalps, protecting hair from future damage - these products do it all. 


Introducing New Collections

The new DevaCurl has 2 new lines that we can't wait for you to explore.

Scalp and Hair Reset
Developed and formulated at a pH level that helps maintain healthy scalps, this new Scalp and Hair Reset Collection is dermatologist and trichologist co-developed and includes:

SCALP PURI(ph)Y™: An easy-rinse exfoliating spray created to help detoxify and cleanse the scalp of product buildup.

SCALP D(ph)ENSE™: A daily nourishing and protecting serum that moisturizes dry scalps.

DevaCurl Curlbond

This patented complex re-coils damaged curls and helps re-link broken bonds from the inside out. Improves strength and protects from future damage, while leaving curly hair shiny, healthy, and with enhanced definition. Check out the new: 

FlexFactor™: A curl protection and retention primer. An essential part of the Prep & Protect collection that helps curls spring to life! It also helps prevent damage from brushing and acts as a thermal heat protectant up to 450 degrees.