The Keune Care line stimulates the health of the hair and scalp with nourishing essential minerals and scientific formulas.

Care products tackle a wide variety of hair and scalp concerns: from dandruff to irritation, dullness to damage, hair loss to frizz. Mix and match them according to your personal needs.


A versatile collection of styling products that support every cut and hair type.

All products have a UV filter to protect the hair from the harmful rays of the sun.

The range is 1 to 10, where 1 stands for minimum hold or shine and 10 for maximum hold or shine. The numbers make it easy to find and recognize your favorite product.

1922 by JM Keune

The Keune barbers and hairstylists know what men need to look good: perfect styling products. The styling products of 1922 by J.M. Keune give men the freedom to choose the firmness and shine they want.

Almost all 1922 styling products contain creatine and proteins for healthy and strong hair.

Since 1922

A History of Hair

It all started in 1922 with Jan Keune, a pharmacist from Amsterdam, and his fascination for curls. Above the drugstore he ran with his wife, he started experimenting and producing hair products.

Where previously hair was curled by heating curling irons over gas burners, Jan Keune managed to develop a formula for permanent liquid. It became a resounding success that women ran away with it.

The Dutch product conquered the world and Keune Haircosmetics became a fact in 1925 when Jan officially wrote the drugstore in his name.