Force for Good

As members of the B Corp Beauty Coalition, Davines is committed to bringing about concrete changes that will improve our social and environmental footprint, thus offering a more responsible model of beauty.

Artisan Spirit

At Davines every product is made using the most advanced cosmetic technologies. The formulations favor the use of ingredients of natural and local origin, generated with newer able energy, and packaged with minimal environmental impact.

Plastic Neutral

Every product Davines sells in 2022 that has a plastic packaging, an equal amount of ocean-bound plastic will be collected and removed from the environment through their collaboration with Plastic Bank.

Keep It Local

Slow Food Farms

Help us rescue plant species that are at risk of extinction: every Essential Haircare family contains a unique active ingredient from an Italian Slow Food Presidium (Farm).

The Italian farmers that are passionate about growing these heirloom plants — such as the Fiaschetto Tomato from Brindisi and the Salina Caper — are actively helping to protect biodiversity.