The LOMA Difference

LOMA manufactures its own products in its own facility, which guarantees that it can utilize the highest quality ingredients. Their team sources and inspects every ingredient, every raw material-including the preservatives and the byproducts of those ingredients. LOMA is made of only the best ingredients and the cleanest water, guaranteed.

See what ingredients make the LOMA difference: 

Loma Ingredients

Quinoa Protein

Quinoa is a super ingredient for your hair. An ancient grain, quinoa is packed with protein and rich in amino acids. In LOMA products, this ingredient aids in repairing the cuticle layer of your hair, imparting shine and moisture to your locks. 

Baobab Protein

Indigenous to mainland Africa, baobab is a vegetable protein that nourishes and revitalizes hair from the inside out. Baobab protein is perfect for mending damaged hair—promoting overall recovery by aiding in moisture retention and heat protection. 

Castor Oil 

An organic oil made from pressed castor beans, this ingredient makes for the perfect conditioning agent for your hair and scalp. Not only does castor oil naturally moisturize, but it also helps lubricate the hair shaft, increasing elasticity, and decreasing the chance of breakage. 

Castor Oil also can fight off bacteria or fungal growth on the scalp and may help protect your follicles from damage, which can keep your hair healthy and promote hair growth.

Avocado Oil 

A favorite from the kitchen, this organic oil packs the same punch in our hair care products. Avocado is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and B-6 and all-natural amino acids, which strengthen hair. The oil from this staple fruit is also perfect for adding moisture to dry, thirsty locks. 

Fennel Seed 

The byproduct of a flowering plant from the carrot family, fennel seed, takes on a unique role in our products. The organic extract has the power to strip excess peroxide and ammonia residue from your hair, extending vibrancy for all hair colors. 

Aloe Vera Gel 

And last but not least, the base for all LOMA products: aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is an ultimate healer—gentle and restorative for your hair, scalp, and skin. 

Aloe vera is naturally anti-inflammatory due to its fatty acids. It forms a protective layer on your scalp and hair to offset damage from environmental factors like pollution and dust.

Aloe vera removes oil and residue from hair follicles and is a very effective cleanser. It also doesn’t harm the hair when cleansing like many chemicals do. This wonder gel contains vitamins A, C, E, and B-12 which provide healthy hair cell growth. It also has a high collagen content which strengthens the hair shaft to prevent breakage.

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Just FYI:

Loma for Life, the bath and body product line, is also boosted with wholesome ingredients, including carrot protein, kale protein, witch hazel, and acai berry fruit, just to name a few. This way, with LOMA, you know you are treating your body and the planet with care from head to toe. 

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