Sunscreen for your hair?

We all know how important wearing sunscreen is for your skin, but what about your hair? According to a 2019 study, UV rays can damage hair just like it can the skin, potentially even damaging the hair follicle.

blonde girl in a sunhat, keeping her hair protected from the sun

Too much time in the sun can lead to damage to both the structure and color of the hair. Prolonged exposure to the sun causes the hair cuticle ― the outside layer of strands― to open, allowing moisture and even melanin to be removed. The result is dry, frizzy hair, and faded salon color or lightened natural color. A lot of people also forget that the scalp is just like the rest of your skin and needs protection, too.

So, what can you do to protect your hair this summer? We have a few collections that are made just for UV protection, that keeps your locks moisturized and vibrant. Take a look:

Davines Su Collection

Davines - SU Collection*

Put the SU in summer with this family of products. SU is a complete routine from Davines made to protect your hair and skin before and after sun exposure. Enjoy your time in the sun, worry-free — these healing, hydrating and nourishing products are saviors for hair and skin.

A combination of active ingredients that sustain biodiversity + high biodegradability = a sun protection line that benefits both you and the sea! SU is formulated with citrus myrtifolia extract, sourced directly from Mr. Parodi’s farm in Savona, Ital. Also known as "chinotto," this protected citrus extract contains antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties, such as vitamin C, which protect hair and skin cells from free radicals caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

Hair damaged by the sun, chlorine and salt can use the SU Hair mask as a restorative and hydrating anti-aging treatment. SU Aftersun is a soothing, mineral-rich gel that moisturizes and restores the skin's hydration levels after sun exposure.

*please note: currently only NY and CT residents can purchase Davines due to territory rights & restrictions.

Keune Care Sun Shield Collection

Keune - Sun Shield

Like sunscreen for your hair, Keune’s Care Sun Shield collection breathes life back into dry, sun-damaged hair. The Care Sun Shield range protects hair from harmful UV rays, as well as pool and salt water. 

Sun Shield Shampoo gently removes traces of sunscreen, chlorine and salt water from your hair, leaving it fresh and soft. Sun Shield Conditioner is like after-sun lotion for your hair – enriched with shea butter to replenish hair’s moisture. Finally, we recommend keeping Sun Shield Oil in your beach bag — run it through your hair to protect it from the sun. Have a fun – and safe – summer!

Eufora Aloetherapy Collection

Eufora- Aloetherapy

Calm and soothe your hair and body after hours in the sun with Eufora’s Aloetherapy collection.

Some call it “The plant of eternity”, “The plant of immortality”, or even “The miracle plant” but at Eufora, they just call it essential. 

Aloe Vera, well known for its soothing benefits, provides the foundation for the Aloetherapy base. Aloe Vera Stem Cells multiply the molecular potency of aloe by 1000x to super-soothe, calm and ease sensitive skin and scalp. Whether suffering from dry skin genetics, sunburn or other skin irritations, Aloetherapy will provide both immediate and long-term benefits and helps stimulate skin repair as well as cellular healing, renewal, and growth. 


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