Time to Shine with Keune's New Lumi Coat

Keune Lumi Coat Time to Shine

Start your new year right with Keune's new addition to their beloved Care Collection: Lumi Coat Luminous Shine Spray. This scientifically advanced formula was developed to create a vital shield that restores and protects damaged hair - while boosting mirror-like radiance. 

Lumi Coat Luminous Shine Spray also helps to shield hair from further damage without weighing it down. When hair is exposed to environmental elements or chemical treatments, it can become prone to breakage, tangling and frizz. This

Luminous Shine Spray revitalizes dry, damaged hair. This lightweight mist delivers instant shine and weightless hydration lasting at least three washes*.

The heat-activated formula is easy to use - spray on damp hair and style with a blow-dryer. The results? Smooth, soft hair with incredible gloss and shine. 

Lumi Coat is recommended for all hair types. It's especially made for people with damaged hair from chemical treatments or hot tools. 

How to Use:

  • Spray on clean damp hair. 
  • Activate using heat from a blow-dryer. 
  • Style as desired. 
Keune Lumi Coat Shine Spray Info

Features & Benefits:

  • Weightless Hydration
  • Superior, Luminous Shine
  • Heat Activated
  • Magnificent, Healthy-Looking Hair
  • Lasts at Least Three Washes*

*Instrumental tests were performed on damaged hair.